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Indicates comments in the source code.

Rem comment
' Comment
/' Multi-line
comment '/

A source code line beginning with Rem indicates that the line is a comment and will not be compiled.

The single quote character (') may also be used to indicate a comment and may appear after other keywords on a source line.
Multi-line comments are marked with the tokens /' and '/. All text between the two markers is considered comment text and is not compiled.

/' this is a multi line
comment As a header of
This example '/

Rem This Is a Single Line comment

' this is a single line comment

? "Hello" : Rem comment following a statement

Dim a As Integer ' comment following a statement

? "FreeBASIC" : ' also acceptable

Dim b As /' can comment in here also '/    Integer

#if 0
    This way of commenting Out code was
    required before version 0.16

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