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PUBLIC: (Access Control)

Specifies public member access control in a KeyPgType Type or KeyPgClass Class

KeyPgType Type typename
member declarations
End Type

member declarations
declarations for fields, functions, or enumerations

Public: indicates that member declarations following it have public access. Public members are accessible with any usage of the KeyPgType Type or KeyPgClass Class.

member declarations following Public: are public until a different access control specifier is given, like KeyPgVisPrivate Private: or KeyPgVisProtected Protected:
Members in a KeyPgType Type declaration are Public: by default if no member access control specifier is given.

Type testing
    nome As String
    number As Integer
  Declare Sub setNome( ByRef newnome As String )
End Type

Sub testing.setnome( ByRef newnome As String )
  This.nome = newnome
End Sub

Dim As testing myVariable

'' We can access these members anywhere since
'' they're public
myVariable.number = 69 ''
myVariable.setNome( "FreeBASIC" )

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