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Please edit this page to remove items when they are written or add items when they are noticed.

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[[ExtLibTOC|External Libraries]] - availability (windows, linux, DOS), usage, and download locations
Cross compiling and environment variables (used to invoke sub-programs)
See [[CatPgProgrammer|Programmer's Guide]] (W.I.P.): [[ProPgExternalFormats|External Graphics File Formats]] (page to fill in)
Dedicated page for ##[[KeyPgScreengraphics|Screen]]##'s QB/page-choosing mode - perhaps KeyPgScreenqb? (quick fb example added to KeyPgPcopy for now...)

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None known (but if found, please edit this page)

{{fbdoc item="section" value="Misc wishlist"}}
Warn in all non-portable or "evil" examples
Consistent policy about "FB version diff" [[KeyPgImageInfo]] [[KeyPgRem]]
FB source file size limit
"returning references" stuff (PEEK, (), [], ... total 7 pages BUMP'ed today)
"-gen GCC" document how to get it working (esp. in DOS)

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